Welcome to my world, come on in! I’ve had such an adventure in this life, that when I look back on it, I can’t imagine it embraced so many different adventures, and wow, I’m still planning on living to 120! So I suspect there’s a lot more to come!


Now, when someone asks YOU what you do for a living, do you have a fast answer?

When that question comes my way, I feel uncomfortable trying to come up with some way to say what it is I do in a short sentence, SOOOO, I created this website!

Visit any of the pages here to check out all the different fun and fascinating pathways I’ve had the chance to travel down!

Hmmmmm… my main focus for nearly 6 decades has been in the field of arts & entertainment. I was a pianist and singer in the beginning, and later I became a musical director, stage director, stage producer and finally, an Emmy-award-winning TV producer! (The Emmy was for Best TV Show in Nevada, 1995.)


In 2001 I began investing in real estate, and as I was building a healthy portfolio, I also trained thousands of others to do the same, resulting in a best-selling book, Nothing Down for Women, that landed at #1 in 5 different categories on Amazon simultaneously!


I’ve enjoyed expanding my activities into network marketing, research into strategies for anti-aging, as well as keen interest in healthy weight control and sleep hygiene. I tend to coach all my friends, mainly because I’m the curious researcher and self-imposed guinea pig.


More recently, I’ve been able to spend more time devoted to volunteerism in the areas of human rights and global harmony between peoples of Earth. I invite you to visit my page called “1 Heart 4 Harmony,” my non-profit company whose mission is to use music and song to encourage kindness and cooperation between all cultures, colors, and creeds.


I’m so glad you’ve stopped by to say hello! Let me know if you want to reach out to me on social media, or through this link.

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